Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Signal 11 Error in Oracle Report

Unhandled Exceptions in Oracle report results in generic signal 11 error, most of the time.

Identifying the cause
Run the report in Oracle report builder with correct input parameter values.
Navigation : File->Generate to File->XML

If report errors with signal 11 in oracle apps,  then running the report in report builder will throw exception with meaningful error message.


  • There is no provision for handling exceptions in main query block in Oracle report,  so if main block query has some issue,  it will result in signal 11 error or some warning, without showing meaningful error message. Mostly,  the reason main query block fails is because of :
    exact fetch returns more than one requested number of rows :  select sub-query in main query block returning multiple rows or user defined function throwing exception.
    numeric or value error : to_number function on alphanumeric column or joining two different data type columns.

  • Unhandled exceptions in report triggers
    validation trigger or after parameter form trigger or any other trigger having incorrect select queries or variable assignments which are not handled in exception block.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Writer's Block

crazyloud:  "Hey, How are you?"
"Struggling."  said lazycloud engrossed in his thoughts.  "suffering from Writer's Block."
"But you are not a writer." said crazyloud.
lazycloud: "Yes, I am."

crazyloud bewilderedly asked  "But you have never written anything."
"Because, I am experiencing Writers Block." snapped lazycloud.
crazyloud: "Like what, Since birth?"
lazycloud : "Yeah. I scribbled few words when I was a  kid, and then writer's block hit me, and  someone suggested that I try doing other things, and not think about it. So I forgot about it."
crazyloud : "And now after 30 years you realized that you are in Writers-Block phase"
lazycloud  : "Well, Now you know."

After moments pause

crazyloud : "Do you want to go out, and discover something that might inspire you."
lazyloud : "I don't need no Inspiration, I only need something to stimulate my mind."
crazyloud : "Well, that is the definition of Inspiration."
lazycloud " Oh! Okay."

crazyloud : "Hey, I have got something you might be interested in; Our company is coming with this, new social networking website, and we are looking for some really cool tag lines. Can you come up with something?"
lazycloud: "Why not. Let me think."
lazycloud:  "What about - A platform to find yourself HOT and SE...". Before lazycloud could complete crazycloud interrupts.
lazycloud "What?"
crazyloud "Its SNW, here we... blah blah.... not some fake dating or po*no website.You know."
lazycloud :"I thought that's what social networking websites are for."
lazycloud : "I didn't know they meant real social network by that. You know what, We should really talk often."

lazycloud : "No worries. I'll think of something else."
lazycloud:  "What about-  "Now flaunting has got a style. Get a real life." and then "Chance for nerds, geeks, losers to increase their social quotient, and Bitc*es to .."
crazyloud : "Wait ... Wait..  I think the first part is Okay, but  you know, we are actually targeting normal people so, nerd ,losers and ...those are  not really needed here. We need something more Creative, imaginative ... something Magical."
lazycloud: "Well, I am a writer not some....... Investment Banker or something.. I don't give a damn for these things."
"Of course, Writers don't need those qualities." said crazyloud sarcastically.
"Well, you are not incompetent enough to argue with me." said lazycloud with some pride.