Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to get more Facebook Likes and Followers

This lazy weekend, while browsing for random stuff, I came across this website which allowed users to exchange likes, follow, comments for some popular social networking websites.

So, I decided to try it. To see if it actually works, I created an account on and created one Pinterest account to verify it.

On this website, you have to give your profile link which you want others to follow, or to like. I provided my Pinterest page url, and then started following other users on Pinterest through this website.

In 2-3 minutes, I followed some 5-7 users and keenly refreshed my Pinterest page. To my surprise, I got my first follower in 4 min time. Now, I wanted to see how fast can I get followers so, I started following more users and within some 1 hour I had around 15 followers. Not Bad!

Exchanging back-links has been there for long time to improve Google page rank. And it was a successful method until one day, when Google decided to give negative score for black-hat SEO method. Well, for now this method works.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Html5 Game Programming Tutorial for Beginners Part 2 - Keyboard and Bullets

In this part, we will load an image object, control its movement using keyboard, and then we will arm our hero with a loaded gun.

So, time to bring our hero in picture. I will load the image saved in my local folder.

Load Image

[code language="javascript"]
//create init function to initialize image loading
var img = new Image();
var imgLoaded = false;
img.onload = function() {
img.src = 'images/hero.png';

After loading the image, we need to draw it on canvas

[code language="javascript"]context.drawImage(img,x,y);[/code]

Create Hero Object

To keep code sane, we will create hero object that will hold all properties and methods of hero. If you are new to Objects in javascript refer Working with objects

[code language="javascript"]
var hero = {
x: 50,
y: 50,
draw: function() {


Friday, March 14, 2014

Html5 Game Programming Tutorial for Beginners Part 1 - Drawing on Canvas

I will document my learning of game programming here. I don't like writing long paragraphs so, I will just note necesary things here . Let's roll

Creating canvas 

Canvas is a rectangular space on page, which is blank until you draw something on it. We can draw stuff on canvas using JS.  

Now, lets go ahead and create a canvas and draw some text on it.

We can define canvas in  html page or we can create it using JS function.

[code language="html"]

<canvas id="<span class=">myCanvas" width="500" height ="300">Canvas not supported</canvas></canvas>


and save the canvas object in JS variable

[code language="javascript"]

canvas= document.getElementById("myCanvas");



[code language="javascript"]

var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); = 'myCanvas';
canvas.width = 1224;
canvas.height = 768;